Documents & Forms

Annual Performance Reports
Type Filename Size
2019 Annual Overflow Report 2.52 MB
Applications and Forms
Type Filename Size
Application For Service (updated 12.2017) 44.55 KB
Bank Draft Authorization Form 87.36 KB
Developer Agreement 208.03 KB
Discontinuance of Service 29.44 KB
Name and or Billing Address Change Form 74.77 KB
Sewer Allocation Release Request Information & Forms 4.44 MB
Type Filename Size
2018 TWSA Calendar 745.9 KB
Availability Locate Required Information 153.94 KB
Cross Connection Thermal Expansion Statement 49.84 KB
University Heights Project - MEMO 56.78 KB
Water Shortage Response Plan 43.71 KB
HB-436- System Development Fees(SDF)
Type Filename Size
NC Session Law 2017-138 1.05 MB
Public Notice-TWSA Draft SDF Study Availability 639.72 KB
SDF Public Comment Form 277.52 KB
System Development Fee Narrative 2.67 MB
TWSA 20 Year CIP Plan with Inflation 5.61 MB
TWSA System Development Fee Study 2.63 MB
Type Filename Size
Allocation Rental Policy 469.99 KB
Billing Payment Policy 66.08 KB
Cashiers Sewer Allocation Transfer Policy 868.01 KB
Cross Connection Ordinance (adopted 2.18.14) 915.94 KB
Customer Complaint Policy 108.39 KB
Customer Deposit Policy 35.58 KB
Customer Discrimination Policy 22.5 KB
Discontinuance of Service Policy 149.17 KB
Economic Development Community Outreach Fund Policy 483 KB
Ethics Policy 175.51 KB
Fire Protection Service Policy 96.97 KB
Fire Protection Service Policy Fire Hydrant Use 74.43 KB
Multi-Unit Individual Meter Policy-Existing Units 44.32 KB
Multi-Unit Individual Meter Policy-New Units 45.65 KB
Multiple Connections on One Meter Policy 118.84 KB
Service to Non-Owner Occupied Property Policy 82.95 KB
Subdivisions Developers Policy 200.57 KB
Theft of Service Tampering Policy 203.61 KB
Water Sewer Allocation Policy (amended 9.23.2019) 3.59 MB
Water Quality Reports
Type Filename Size
2011 Water Quality Report 128.16 KB
2012 Water Quality Report 93.63 KB
2013 Water Quality Report 322.76 KB
2014 Water Quality Report 132.82 KB
2015 Water Quality Report 109.37 KB
2016 Water Quality Report 105.75 KB
2017 Water Quality Report 570.13 KB
2018 Water Quality Report 253.81 KB
2019 Water Quality Report 567.41 KB