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Billing Information & Payment Options

Alternative Payment Methods:

Credit Card:

1. The Authority will accept credit or debit cards on the following companies:

a. Master Card
b. Visa
c. American Express
d. Discover
e. Debit Card

2. The Authority will accept credit or debit cards presented in the following manner:

a. Presented in person, the utility will check the following:

  • Proof of identification;
  • Expiration date of the card;
  • Compare the signature on card to sales draft signature.

b. By phone:

  • Verify the expiration date of the card;
  • Verify the number on rear of the card;
  • Verify cardholder billing address.

3. The Authority will accept credit or debit card for all fees and charges.
4. The Authority will use electronic authorization terminals approved by their credit card provider.
5. The Authority will not make any cash advances or cash returns on cards presented.
6. If a card is rejected by the processing company at the time it is presented, the Authority will require payment by another method. (cash, check or another card)
7. If a payment by credit card is not honored by the credit card company issuing the card, or if a payment by a debit card is not honored by the entity on which the funds are drawn, the utility will collect a $25.00 service charge from the person presenting the card.
8. If for any reason, a "Charge Back" is received by the utility, the Charge Back shall be treated as a non-payment of the customer's account and will be subject to penalties and other fees due and subject to the Authority's cut-off policy.  ("Charge Backs" occur when a customer displutes the charges on their card and the customer's credit card company charges back the charge to the Authority's credit company)


Automatic Bank Drafts:

1. The Authority will accept bank drafts from all banks.
2. The customer must complete and sign a preauthorization form and attach a voided check from the bank that the draft will be drawn
3. The bank draft will be processed on the 25th day of each month.  This will give the customer time to examine the bill before it is deducted from their account.
4. The customer's draft will be presented to the bank for payment on the 25th day of the month for the amount due.
5. If funds are not available in the customer's account at the time the draft is presented and the draft is returned unpaid, the Authority will:

a.  Notify the customer by mail that the draft was returned upaid;
b.  Upon return of the unpaid draft, an additional charge will be added to the customer's account and; (see Fee Policy)
c.  The customer acount will be subject to any penalties due and the Authority's Discontinuance of Service Policy.

6. Any customer's whose draft is returned unpaid more than two (2) times will be removed from the Automatic Payment Method.
7. Customers who wish to change back to the regular payment options may do so at any time by writing the Authority and requesting to be removed from the Automatic Payment Method.  Upon receipt of this request, the customer will be removed at the next available billing cycle.

Pay by Phone:

Call the toll free number (877) 885-7968 to pay your bill over the phone